Bigi Lui
2020-05-14 ⋅ 2 min read

MS Edge's Maps behavior with scroll

I typically use a mix of Chrome and Firefox in my day to day computing, on both Mac and Windows. Once in a while when I'm on my personal Windows laptop, I click on one of those Win10 pre-login screen with pretty scenery and see where it is. It opens up a Bing result page on MS Edge. Then I click on the Bing Maps page to see where that place is.

It catches me off-guard every time I do this that when I scroll (mouse scroll, or trackpad scroll with two fingers), it scrolls the map instead of zooming in and out.

This is one of those cases where, yeah, maybe it makes more sense that when you "scroll" in a mouse or trackpad, the map scrolls, but the pre-established convention is different and it just doesn't feel good as a UX. It's like on the NES, once in a while you run into a game where A is shoot and B is jump. It's weird and it doesn't feel great.

By the way, this isn't a Google Maps or Bing Maps difference, it's a browser difference. Google Maps and Bing Maps behave the same on Chrome and Firefox -- in both cases, scrolling on trackpad will zoom. On MS Edge, both Google Maps and Bing Maps will cause the map to scroll when you scroll on trackpad.