Hey! I'm Bigi.

I'm a father, husband, software engineer/architect, traveler, American, Chinese.

You'll find that a lot of my writing revolves around those characteristics and identities of mine above! I tend to write about software engineering, tech careers, tech trends, the Bay Area, Sacramento, and more. Sometimes I go deep into code, but more likely than not, I talk much more about general approaches and trends.

I've lived and worked in a lot of places!

Currently, I live in the Greater Sacramento region, and greatly enjoy life here with my family. Elk Grove is a very family-friendly city with a lot of parks and nature to visit and enjoy. In the past, I've lived in Hong Kong, various cities in the San Francisco Bay Area (mainly in the East Bay), and various parts of the Greater Sacramento region (Davis, Fair Oaks).

I work remotely for a real estate tech company called Knock right now as a lead software engineer. In the past, I've worked at Intel, Pure Web Apps, Zynga, CoinTent (as a cofounder), and Massdrop/Drop, as various roles and levels of software engineer and architect. I've also taught Computer Science at the UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program, where middle and high school students attend summer classes to learn something new, away from their regular school curriculum.

My wife and I enjoy traveling around the world. We're taking a hiatus from traveling while our daughter is still young; we plan to resume once she's old enough and the world is no longer plagued with COVID. My favorite places in the world are probably Iceland and Kauai. You may notice that all of the title pictures on each section of the site are from my camera roll of our Iceland trip!