My thoughts on bitcoins

I recently tried to think about bitcoins a little more, a little deeper than the surface level. On any day there is typically a wide range of opinions about bitcoins. Because I'm trying to invest in bitcoins a little more seriously now, I want to think about it deeper.

Clean monolith code repo structure for a small JAM web app

One of my main beefs with existing standards for modern web apps (typically in a server-side-rendered React stack) is how difficult the code repo's structure is to work with everyday. One of my specific goals in this project is to figure out a way to structure a web app, with both its backend and frontend, in a mono-repo (monolithic code repository), in a way that is easily understood and navigated.

Money doesn't always help you stop doing things you don't want to do; some things you don't want to do are still worth doing

It was a perspective changer for me. To a toddler, play time might be fun, but it's not where the most important bonding happens. What gives them the true, deep bonding is the everyday routines you're doing with them.

How much you like something vs how much you can tolerate the cost for it

I was watching The Martian (yes, 5 years late) and thinking about what being an astronaut is like. Sure, I'm not talking about the whole Matt Damon experience of being stuck on Mars alone for 2 years. I'm just talking about generally being an astronaut.

My current new Windows PC setup essentials in 2020

I've bought and set up a lot of new desktop/laptop PCs (usually Windows, in some cases Mac or Linux) over the past two decades; and the set of essential software I installed on a new computer has also evolved over the years.

Fav HN Comment - "Less Code Fallacy"

"Software has really interesting economics where as the cost/feature decreases by a factor, say 1x, then the set of features that can be profitably worked on expands by like 10x." This is such counterintuitive insight that I admit I had not thought of until I read the comment, yet it's so true.

Big2 - Breaking Down a Project Into Phases

Finding time to work on a hobby project is among one of the hard things about doing one. What makes it harder is the context you lose between the time you work on it. And when it comes to a reasonably sized project -- anything bigger than something you could complete over a weekend, with some degree of complexity that requires some planning and system design -- losing the context that was once fresh in your head could also mean losing interests/passion and abandoning ship.

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